Everything Old is New Again

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We may still be months away from ushering in the new year, but this season is expected to bring the hype. Everything old is new again as the 1920s meet 2020. Celebrate the glamour, sophistication, and flirty fun of the 1920s with the Roaring 20s Reinvented. This celebration is a century in the making and is guaranteed to delight even the toughest gangster.

  1. Gatsby Theme Show. These wildly popular entertainers are the perfect addition to your next 20s themed party or corporate event. From Charlie Chaplin to the Charleston, this Roaring 20’s/Great Gatsby theme show not only engages the audience, but paints the picture of a time of “bathtub gin”, “Flapper Girls” and fun music. This theme can be ornamented with aerial silks, aerial bartenders, greeters or magicians. The possibilities are endless!

2. National Band. This high-energy band brings the energy along with the musical talent to get your guests moving to the beat. Their presence is contagious and truly embodies the joy that music brings to any event. From popular and contemporary cover tunes to classic rock, this is a band that connects with everyone.

3. LED Glow Dancers. This unusual display of entertainment allows your guests to witness a beautiful LED Glow in the dark dance performance, using hula hoops and illuminated materials. This mysterious art form will mesmerize your group, creating an enchanted presentation of lights, movement and sound and add a wow factor to your corporate event or special occasion.

Summer’s Hottest Entertainment

Applause Productions and Entertainment

With temperatures on the rise, it’s the perfect time to have a party to keep your guests cool. With summer’s hottest entertainment options, your next pool party or outdoor event is guaranteed to be a success. Choose any of the following offerings and you’ll be all set for summertime fun!

1. Fire Artists facilitate fire breathing, fire eating, and many styles of fire spinning to the performance. Artists have a passion for fire presentation and the creativity and the skill to bring forth innovative ideas into the act, heightening the level of the performance. They have the tribal, ceremonial, and traditional expertise to provide an exceptional show or facilitate an added splash of entertainment for a Hawaiian Theme.

2. Transport the guests of your next corporate event or private party to the beautiful, lush gardens of a tropical paradise. The music of the islands, whether a steel-drum band, Caribbean, Reggae, Jamaican, or Polynesian, are guaranteed to entice, entrance, and excite any audience. If you desire an ambient evening or want your guests to feel as though they just stepped into the sand, this musical offering is the choice you want. Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing.’

3. This gifted guitarist and singer presents a fun performance. Whether it’s time to Rock & Roll or whisper a sultry tune, this entertainer gets the job done right. Playing his guitar and singing, he can work a room as a soloist for soft background or play straight forward rock & roll in high-spirited occasions. He can diversify his music between the “unplugged” sound, or “thump and sizzle” using high-tech backgrounds.

This Spring Bring New Life To Your Corporate Event

Applause Productions and Entertainment

The goal of any corporate event planner is to create a unique, memorable experience. This often includes interactive entertainment that allows the guests to engage with the entertainment. However, the newest way to keep your attendees on their toes is by making them part of the show. This spring, bring new life to your corporate event.

NACE flash mob small1. Flash Mobs: These quintessential opportunities for engagement are in demand once again. This is the perfect way to ensure your guests remember this event forever because they become the entertainment. With only a minimal amount of preparation from the guests, they have the chance to shine like the stars they are. Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook be ready!

2. All-Inclusive Entertainment: Whether this option focuses on a specific theme such as The Great Gatsby, or simply includes an assortment of gifted entertainers, a large-scale20s-greeter 1 edit event that transports your attendees to a different world is a great way to immerse them in the event. No matter where their eyes may fall, your guests have another delicious vantage point of entertainment. From glamorous character greeters to vintage cars, walk-around magicians and engaging dancers to fine cuisine and lavish décor, the evening transcends a typical event and becomes magic.

3. Polynesian Luau:  Spring or summer escapes no longer have to include long flights or expensive vacations…create a tropical paradise in any locale with authentic South Pacific entertainment. From royal hula dancers to interactive luaufireknife artists, this package is complete with interactive coconut shaking fun. Your male guests will especially appreciate the opportunity to dance with exotic, traditional hula girls from the islands.

Avoid Event Planning Mistakes: Hire an Entertainment Company

Applause Productions & Entertainment

With the new year comes exciting opportunities to create unique and powerful events. Often this requires professional consultants whose experience can ensure that you have the right talent to match your vision. Here are a few tips that will allow you to avoid event planning mistakes.

1. Hire an agency of experts: An A-list event must have professionals who are experienced in event production. They need to know what is popular, trendy, and, simply the best. With years of valuable planning opportunities, the challenges and pitfalls that can occur are anticipated so that the outcome is a creative success.


2. Communicate…communicate…communicate clear expectations: Sometimes a client will say, “I want something jazzy,” as they describe the lively, energetic, and interactive event they desire. However, the entertainment company may immediately think  jazz trio, improvisational musicians, or even a group of choreographed dancers. Obviously, the two are not synonymous. It is vital that both the planner and entertainment company are on the same page so that the event will be customized in exactly the right way.

3. Know What You Can Afford: So often, clients want everything, yet their champagne wishes need to be fulfilled using a beer budget. That’s when a planner that knows talent can provide a fun, exciting, and memorable event on a more restricted budget. Be realistic with your expectations and the production may surprise you in its ultimate power and ingenuity.


Are You Ready?…Time to Book Your Event Entertainment

Applause Productions & Entertainment

It may be July, but it’s time to book your event entertainment. Exciting and engaging events are an essential part of any corporate calendar, since they can help to promote the company both externally and internally, while boosting morale and rewarding a job well done. The easiest way to ensure a successful event is to include stellar entertainment. Here are three ideas to guide you.

1.Know your audience: Consider the demographics of the attendees. Before you hire a Lady Gaga impersonator, make sure the majority of audience members are not octogenarians! Although they may remember the event, it may be a nightmarish vision rather than the sublime experience you were hoping for. A 1920s theme party, an Impersonator show, or even a Wild West night complete with casino and saloon girls, has a much broader audience appeal.

2. The window of opportunity is open. Book now is good advice. Quality corporate entertainment with a high profile will often have its season set by the end of August. Don’t lose out on what might have been a great event because you are still planning your vacation, rather than your companies’ event calendar.

3. Make it Memorable. So many times a great band is hired, but because of  dinner, awards, and other necessities, guests head for the exit by the time the music plays. When you integrate the entertainment throughout the event, you can tell a story, highlight a successful moment, or simply celebrate a new brand. Consider this: a choreographed musical number that opens the evening and sets the mood. Throughout dinner, talent takes the stage for short, engaging moments allowing the audience to enjoy the food, the conversation, and the enterainment. This experience energizes an ordinary awards ceremony to become an award in itself, as the guests become part of the show. Here’s just a peak of what your audience can expect…imagine selected pops of entertainment  from this delightful 1920s theme show. Enjoy!


Bridging the Generation Gap: The Dance Between Technology and Live Talent

Applause Productions & Entertainment

Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” This is true even in the field of corporate entertainment. While nothing will ever replace the heart-pounding presentation of a live rock band, or the breath-taking beauty of contemporary dancers, technology is now a piece of the puzzle. Many times this is the piece that elevates live entertainment to ground-breaking heights. We can help you bridge the generation gap and expertly choreograph the dance between technology and live talent.

1. Increasingly, corporate events are merging the use of live talent with technology. Planners are looking to movies, reality T.V. shows, and pop culture to create unique and mind-blowing entertainment. They use these sources because that’s what motivates their clients in generating new and exciting events. Planners want choreography as brilliant as the latest entry on Dancing with the Stars, and contortionist virtuosos not unlike those on America’s Got Talent. Businesses once driven by Baby-Boomer leaders are rapidly changing to suit the needs of their Generation-Y protégés and Generation-X clients. It is in this climate that live talent and technology combine forces to produce larger than life events.  Events will take on a more purpose-driven atmosphere along with following traditional Galas, Holiday, and seasonal celebrations. These events are integrating the most brilliant talent with the latest technology to generate a powerful event.

2. Successful execution of events throughout the rest of 2013 will use live talent to inspire the attendees. Whether a cutting-edge 20s theme show that emulates the new release of The Great Gatsby, or an action-packed show inspired by the Sky Fall James Bond theme, planners are wanting live entertainment that is up-close and personal to empower their event. Unique entertainment such as themed greeters, aerialists cascading from chandeliers, waiters dressed to augment the theme, speed painting artists, and distinctive theme shows will grace many a corporate stage. Entertainment that is innovative, and has a wow factor with its technique or individuality, will captivate the audience and result in staying power.

3. What was once a novelty addition to talent acts is now an integral part of the event. Technology becomes an entertainment design in itself. Screens incorporating videos during a live dance performance are utilized to enhance the brand of the product, and capture the attention of mobile audiences. LED and intella moving lights, lasers, and streaming videos are all part of engaging the audience and having a commanding event. Technological advancements, including more extravagant videos, social media, and tools we have not yet dreamed of will  work in tandem with live entertainment.

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Preparing the way for a great event

Applause Productions & Entertainment

Successful events don’t just happen. They are the culmination of hard work, talent, and organization. Nothing is more important in the organizational process than clear, well-thought-out planning. Here is how to prepare the way for a great event:

1. Create schedules. This includes both a timeline for actions that need to be finished prior to the event, and also the talent and activities that happen during the event. When you’ve finalized the talent that will perform during the party, plan the ornamental activities such as photo opportunities, green screen, greeters, etc. Make sure to plan the set-up time for all talent and activities, as well as the time it actually begins.

2. Create a spreadsheet of vital information. All pertinent details, including date, time, venue name and location, contact information, and theme should be organized into one easy-to-access document. Also, build enough time into the schedule to walk the site with strict attention to room size, stage size and location, electrical accessibility, and green room area.

3. Facilitate communication. Make sure that your administrative details, such as accounting and payment schedules, are clearly communicated at the outset of the process. It is standard in the industry to provide a 50 percent deposit. This secures your talent for the expected time and date. Final payment is always expected the week prior to the event. Communicate these payment considerations and your administrative worries will be few. Good talent expects professional courtesy, which means following the above protocol.

Tired of waiting on hold? Direct communication is key…

 Applause Productions & Entertainment

Press 1 to order a clown…

Press 2 to order an event greeter…

In this digital age it is easy to feel disconnected and ignored; but, when hiring entertainment that has the power to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is essential that precise communication between you and your team is the centerpiece of the creative process. Tired of waiting on hold? Direct communication is key…

1. Do they listen? As you plan your event, a good team will be receptive to your needs, expectations, and ideas. There should be a healthy, creative dialogue that ensures your confidence in their commitment to provide the ultimate entertainment for your event.

2. Are they timely? Planning a big event takes time. During the process, your team should demonstrate their professionalism by providing pertinent information promptly. E-mails and phone calls should be returned within 24 hours so that you know they are dedicated to the success of your event.

3. Do they follow through? As your event approaches, your team should be on scene both before and during the final moments to guarantee a seamless production. A professional team will predict unforeseen circumstances, handle them with ease, and keep you calm, comfortable, and confident.

How to make your year-end party a success…

Applause Productions & Entertainment

One of the specialties of Applause Productions is showcasing entertainment to best suit the needs of the client. More than 20 years of event production experience have allowed us to work individually with clients to produce the perfect event entertainment; not just talent, but also the total experience. As a result, we thought we’d share how to make your year-end party a success.

1. Understand your budget: Realize that you must allow enough money for flowers, food, décor and other parts of the party that integrate with the entertainment. Budget realistically, especially in this economy.

2. Realistic entertainment expectations: If you are working with a limited budget, don’t expect headline entertainment that demands thousands of dollars. A great experience can still be created even with a fixed budget; jazz trios, intimate stage shows, walk-around magic, or specialty characters can add just the right pop to your party, and for the right price.

3. Understand your audience: It is vital that you characterize the party attendees. Will they want interactive opportunities? If you know your group doesn’t like to dance, perhaps a mentalist show or stand-up comedian would better entertain your group. The experience you desire is only possible when you truly focus on the needs of your audience.