How to make your year-end party a success…

Applause Productions & Entertainment

One of the specialties of Applause Productions is showcasing entertainment to best suit the needs of the client. More than 20 years of event production experience have allowed us to work individually with clients to produce the perfect event entertainment; not just talent, but also the total experience. As a result, we thought we’d share how to make your year-end party a success.

1. Understand your budget: Realize that you must allow enough money for flowers, food, décor and other parts of the party that integrate with the entertainment. Budget realistically, especially in this economy.

2. Realistic entertainment expectations: If you are working with a limited budget, don’t expect headline entertainment that demands thousands of dollars. A great experience can still be created even with a fixed budget; jazz trios, intimate stage shows, walk-around magic, or specialty characters can add just the right pop to your party, and for the right price.

3. Understand your audience: It is vital that you characterize the party attendees. Will they want interactive opportunities? If you know your group doesn’t like to dance, perhaps a mentalist show or stand-up comedian would better entertain your group. The experience you desire is only possible when you truly focus on the needs of your audience.

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