Coming soon…the new and improved Applause Productions and Entertainment

Applause Productions & Entertainment

We’re not considering Botox or fillers; however, you will soon see the new and improved Applause Productions and Entertainment. In an age where youth and vibrancy rule the world, it is often necessary to self-examine. As such, we’ve determined that our technology, while useful and effective, can be improved to better serve our clients and a growing market share. You can take a sneak peak starting with our newly redesigned logo, and can wait anxiously for the reveal of our new website. All of course, with the purpose of improving our ability to deliver unique, spectacular, and innovative talent.

1. Why re-brand? The millennials demand precision, speed, and immediate gratification. These are the people who are now making business decisions that affect companies of all sizes and all profit margins. These are acute business people who need to identify with the people and products they consume. Think of the old adage, “This isn’t your father’s Oldsmobile…” but far more successful.

2. Version 2.0. Not only should companies promote updated technology, marketing, and promotion, but also deliver on the promise. Our technology is improving as is our entertainment offerings. This isn’t just a face lift, but, as Broadway would say,  a shift to “Bigger and Better” presentation of talent.

3. Stay tuned. Great businesses are always reinventing themselves. Whether it’s Chrysler, Nike, or your local neighborhood supermarket, savvy business leaders are showing that they value their customers by staying on top of the latest and greatest products. Applause Productions continues to meet and exceed the needs of clients by advancing our relationships and staying always grateful for what is and can be.