Now presenting…2013!

Applause Productions & Entertainment

As the new year begins, clients want to know what the hottest entertainment will be and how they can be involved. While many acts are creating a buzz right now, one thing is certain; the talent must be engaging, interactive, and responsive. Corporate clients want their events to be powerful. Now presenting…2013!

1.Unique entertainment. Traditional talent is harder to sell in this competitive, TV-driven market. Clients want what is popular on television, Internet sources, and the latest cultural fad. Bands or other musicians that do not engage with the audience are losing favor; however, a cutting edge musical act will incorporate audience engagement throughout its performance.

2.Destination entertainment. Many international corporations are rewarding their top employees with trips to beautiful U.S. locations. As part of this wave of geographically-based entertainment that is requested, specific talent in certain areas will be in demand. For example, Native American storytellers, dancers, and crafters will be appealing to those groups sending employees to the Southwest. Likewise, mermaids who perform as interactive characters will be popular in areas like Florida and California.

3. Twist on the traditional. Unique talent is the trend, but traditional entertainment that has included an interactive or unique element will always be in demand. Magicians that include sleight-of-hand, a dj that includes the teaching of popular dance moves, and a surprise waiter that is actually part of the show are good examples.