The Use of Digital Media or Interactive Entertainment

Applause Productions & Entertainment

As planners book entertainment for the coming season, they desire to be on the cutting edge; they want what is unique, new, and effectively promotes the company’s brand. For many, this includes the use of digital media, or interactive entertainment. While this can be exciting and innovative, it can also be costly and ineffective unless managed by experienced professionals. What alternatives are there to create the “Wow” factor that will captivate your guests and still maintain quality and budget?

1. Technology doesn’t have to take center stage. Use intelligent lighting, videos, and computer graphics as part of the entertainment package, rather than the driving force. Examples might include dancers performing the “Gangnam” routine while a video of Psy streams simultaenous song and movement. Another example could be a concert pianist performing Hollywood’s theme songs highlighting movie clips associated with the music. The idea is effective use of technology to enhance live entertainment.
2. Interactive entertainment doesn’t have to be digital. Pieces of entertainment expertly woven into an event can spice up the traditional passive role of the audience. Whether this happens during a dinner experience or an award presentation, or becomes a total theme event incorporating greeters, casino tables, and a Vegas theme show, the event comes to life. Showcasing company executives during this interaction is also an added benefit.

3. There’s no substitute for pure talent. Technology is an asset. A photo booth that links immediately to facebook and twitter can make many attendees quite happy. How cool to post instantly while they attend an amazing event. However, there is nothing like the thrill of live Taiko drumming as it beats with the pulse of your audience; or a mentalist that amazes by accurately reading the minds of your guests; or a hypnotist  that persuades audience members to get up and sing an aria.Let’s face it…the legend that is Elvis didn’t need to tweet that he’d “left the building.”