Entertainment That Satisfies All Tastes

Applause Productions and Entertainment

Variety is the spice of life, and nowhere is that more true than when planning a corporate event or special occasion. Choosing any of these exciting, engaging pieces of talent will spice up your party with entertainment that satisfies all tastes.

  1. High-energy Band. This country-western band truly captures the spirit of the Southwest. Featuring a hard-working, homegrown musicians that has earned a reputation as one of the premier show country rock entertainment groups in the West, this band will captivate any audience. Whether you desire a high-energy fiddle solo, rock country classics, or even a Biker Bar flair, they are the perfect choice to impress your corporate group. Add gorgeous and talented line-dance instructors, and you can even incorporate the newly trending, Country Hip Hop Wobble to your event.
  2. Vintage Vegas Theme. Set the stage with a sizzle when you hire our beautiful greeters or look-a-likes to welcome guests to your event. No matter what theme you’ve chosen for your social or corporate occasion, we have lavishly-costumed greeters that are perfect for party. They are gracious, friendly, and help to invite your guests to experience the richness of your presentation.
  3. Customized Entertainment.  The ability to make entertainment offerings unique to each client is a signature strength of Applause Productions. Whether you require a Smooth Criminal Flash Mob, an interactive and individualized birthday celebration, or floor show that showcases a specific corporate identity, Applause can create the perfect complement to your event.

Entertainment Ideas: The Possibilities are Endless

Applause Productions and Entertainment

Now that the first quarter of 2014 is almost complete, one thing is clear: when it comes to entertainment ideas, the possibilities are endless. Events that are full of vintage elegance or the latest technological capabilities are stunning audiences all around the country. Here are just a few options to whet your appetite:

Everything Old is New Again: This entertainment option celebrates the classic and timeless eras that captured our imagination. From the Golden Age of Hollywood to the sweet innocence of the 1950s, these events allow our cultural heritage to survive, and entice the millennials to experience the greatness. Elegant cabaret singers, classic jazz ensembles decked out in black tie formalwear, or love ballads crooned by Old Blue Eyes himself make this option alive.

International Flavor: Imagine the color, energy, and sizzle of Brazilian or Carnival entertainers for your next event. These heart-stopping dancers, acrobats, and stilt-walkers can bring any theme, concept, or product launch to life. The variety of this option could include Samba dancers, Latin bands, or even an exciting batucada!


The Quirky Factor: Just when you thought you’d seen everything, this year’s newest entertainment will surprise even the most experienced event goer. It’s the unexpected aspect of this talent combination that energizes the viewer. Grunge music of the 90s played by jazz trios, or a Western-themed cowboy show that is accompanied by the latest digital video or LED lighting. These experiences are perfect for the event planner or corporate CEO that is a talent connoisseur.







Avoid Event Planning Mistakes: Hire an Entertainment Company

Applause Productions & Entertainment

With the new year comes exciting opportunities to create unique and powerful events. Often this requires professional consultants whose experience can ensure that you have the right talent to match your vision. Here are a few tips that will allow you to avoid event planning mistakes.

1. Hire an agency of experts: An A-list event must have professionals who are experienced in event production. They need to know what is popular, trendy, and, simply the best. With years of valuable planning opportunities, the challenges and pitfalls that can occur are anticipated so that the outcome is a creative success.


2. Communicate…communicate…communicate clear expectations: Sometimes a client will say, “I want something jazzy,” as they describe the lively, energetic, and interactive event they desire. However, the entertainment company may immediately think  jazz trio, improvisational musicians, or even a group of choreographed dancers. Obviously, the two are not synonymous. It is vital that both the planner and entertainment company are on the same page so that the event will be customized in exactly the right way.

3. Know What You Can Afford: So often, clients want everything, yet their champagne wishes need to be fulfilled using a beer budget. That’s when a planner that knows talent can provide a fun, exciting, and memorable event on a more restricted budget. Be realistic with your expectations and the production may surprise you in its ultimate power and ingenuity.


Details That Can Make or Break Your Event

Applause Productions & Entertainment

The saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” This adage could not be more true than when planning an event. We’ve already explained the importance of planning, communication, and the necessary aspects to producing a seamless event. Now it’s time to focus on those minute details that can make or break your event.

1. Be proactive and brainstorm possible challenges. As you meet with your event director and team members, you will have conceptualized the theme for the event. However, it’s important to discuss any possible challenges that might arise and have the ability to contact key players at a moment’s notice. Let all members of the production team know who has the authority to make those last minute changes that may need to be made on the spot. Stay in touch with each of your team members. Have a hard copy of relevant cell phone numbers and emails for your team and other vendors that may have a role in your production.

2. Check and re-check technical requirements. Be sure to re-check stage requirements, mikes, wireless microphones or lavs, green room size and accessibility to the stage, chairs in the green rooms, water, etc. These needs are a priority for entertainment; however, the director’s priority is the production. As a result, you must be diligent about these necessities. All too often these details are forgotten until only hours or minutes before the event begins. You are left trying to find the site contact person to produce these requirements and, at this point, they have a million other things to do. Schooli  tables for makeup, and even lighting for a pipe and drape green room, should be in place before the entertainment arrives. It’s impossible to put on makeup and dress in the dark. When the minute details are taken care of, talent can go immediately into their preparation with ease.

3. Understand that time is important. Even though your contract is signed with definite start times and particulars, you will need to re-check the scheduling of the event, since call times and show times can change at the last minute. Make sure your contract provides an additional fee in the event that your entertainment has to wait for an extended period of time before performing. Sometimes a speaker or awards presentation can go extraordinarily long, causing the performance time to be delayed. This can happen and entertainment expects to be compensated.