A backstage look at booking entertainment…asking critical questions

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When the curtain goes up, the entertainment shines, but any good planner knows that  behind the scenes there are technical, physical, and performance considerations that ensure success. The applause that results from amazing entertainment can only be realized when the details of preparation are understood and mastered. The key to booking entertainment is asking critical questions.

1. Technical considerations: We’ve talked about the necessity of knowing what technical accommodations are available to the entertainment, but the importance of this fundamental foundation is so often taken for granted or even ignored. Is your entertainment self-contained? Do they bring their own sound and light equipment, including personnel? Or are they expecting to access the available AV capability of the site, and what are the fees associated with it? Typically, bands will bring their own, yet comics, mentalists, and other solo artists will need to give you their specs. Ask this question: What AV requirements do you need to perform?

2. Physical considerations: Is the entertainment familiar with the physical layout for load in and load out of necessary equipment? This is one of the most overlooked aspects of providing talent, and yet communication could solve many problems. Additionally, know where the talent will dress, take breaks, and leave personal belongings; a secure and private green room is necessary for this. It is unprofessional and demeaning to expect the entertainers to use a space that is open to the public.

3. Performance considerations: As the event comes to a conclusion, the entertainers should be clear about the planner’s expectations. Will the music  and visual aspects of the event continue their vibrant energy until the ballroom is clear? Or will there be a transition to an afterglow that includes softer music, lighting, and a subtle ending to the event? Entertainment experts with years of experience can incorporate these key ideas and understand the critical nature they play in the overall success of the event. What goes on behind the scenes will most definitely impact the final stage performance.

Hiring the perfect musician for your event

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Live music has the power to illicit an emotional response and create the event of a lifetime. Whether the party is themed with music at its center, or simply providing ambiance for an elegant evening, your choice of musical accompaniment is key. Here are a few tips on hiring the perfect musician for your event.

1. Understand the style and purpose of the music you need. There is nothing worse than asking for a “jazzy” group, and then being disappointed with a jazz trio because what you really wanted was a high-energy variety band. Be prepared with stylistic examples and do your research; know what musical genre you truly expect and what will best entertain your group.

2. When choosing a musical act,  the technical aspects are as crucial as the artistic ones. Be knowledgeable about how many electrical circuits your band or musicians will need. Ask if there is an additional charge for electricity. Understand the physical space so that your entertainment can be viewed and heard with ease. An intimate dinner for 75 guests is not conducive to a 10-piece band, nor will a solo harpist capture the attention of 800 people in a grand ballroom.

3. Be creative and don’t forget that unique and unusual choices can be showstoppers.  Align yourself with an experienced agency that has the talent to recommend and produce the event suited to your needs. A strolling accordionist can take your guests to Italy, France, or even Germany without a single plane ticket. A zydeco band will bring the bayou to your guests during an exciting Mardi Gras party, while a Rock of Ages show will ignite your event with rockers from the past.

Ultimately, you don’t have to settle for what everybody else typically does. Think outside of your comfort zone, be aware of your venue and requirements, and know what you want.

Tired of waiting on hold? Direct communication is key…

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Press 1 to order a clown…

Press 2 to order an event greeter…

In this digital age it is easy to feel disconnected and ignored; but, when hiring entertainment that has the power to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is essential that precise communication between you and your team is the centerpiece of the creative process. Tired of waiting on hold? Direct communication is key…

1. Do they listen? As you plan your event, a good team will be receptive to your needs, expectations, and ideas. There should be a healthy, creative dialogue that ensures your confidence in their commitment to provide the ultimate entertainment for your event.

2. Are they timely? Planning a big event takes time. During the process, your team should demonstrate their professionalism by providing pertinent information promptly. E-mails and phone calls should be returned within 24 hours so that you know they are dedicated to the success of your event.

3. Do they follow through? As your event approaches, your team should be on scene both before and during the final moments to guarantee a seamless production. A professional team will predict unforeseen circumstances, handle them with ease, and keep you calm, comfortable, and confident.

How to make your year-end party a success…

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One of the specialties of Applause Productions is showcasing entertainment to best suit the needs of the client. More than 20 years of event production experience have allowed us to work individually with clients to produce the perfect event entertainment; not just talent, but also the total experience. As a result, we thought we’d share how to make your year-end party a success.

1. Understand your budget: Realize that you must allow enough money for flowers, food, décor and other parts of the party that integrate with the entertainment. Budget realistically, especially in this economy.

2. Realistic entertainment expectations: If you are working with a limited budget, don’t expect headline entertainment that demands thousands of dollars. A great experience can still be created even with a fixed budget; jazz trios, intimate stage shows, walk-around magic, or specialty characters can add just the right pop to your party, and for the right price.

3. Understand your audience: It is vital that you characterize the party attendees. Will they want interactive opportunities? If you know your group doesn’t like to dance, perhaps a mentalist show or stand-up comedian would better entertain your group. The experience you desire is only possible when you truly focus on the needs of your audience.