Celebrate 2013: Part One –Throw a Party That Pops

Applause Productions & Entertainment

It is the most wonderful time of the year. So, why not throw a party that pops to celebrate the accomplishments of 2013 with friends, family, and business associates. Whether you choose a cocktail party, intimate gathering, or a larger venue, live entertainment is the best way to say, “Now, this is a party.” To help you best plan the brightest event, we’ve done your homework. Choose one of these options, and your party will stand out from the rest.

1. Get on Your Feet. It’s time to celebrate. After a well-designed dinner, your guests are ready for a shift in energy. Make them part of the action with an interactive DJ, choreographed dances and lessons, or even a spontaneous flash mob. These options are perfect for a crowd that has energy, personality, and just a little swag. Think about it, have you ever seen a room full of people dancing with anything but a smile on their faces? Fun is a powerful choice — it works. So let it work for your party.

2. Winter Wonderland. With the clear, chilly nights in the Valley, nothing is more romantic and elegant than a party with entertainment everywhere. Guests can view the night sky with professional astronomers, discuss those beautiful constellations with an astrologer and Tarot card reader, and couples can capture the essence in a photo booth dressed with a stunning background. All the while, the sounds of duo guitars seranade the guests. What a marvelous night for a moon dance…

3. Make me Laugh. Nothing is more contageous than the sound of laughter. So, treat your guests to a stand-up comedian, interactive, improvisational troupe, and a lively band. A good comedian can capture the audience, make them laugh, and get them ready to dance the night away. Or, if your group is particulary witty, perhaps they would enjoy joining in the fun with an improvisational comedy team. Either way your guests will be energized for the night ahead.

Hiring the perfect musician for your event

Applause Productions & Entertainment

Live music has the power to illicit an emotional response and create the event of a lifetime. Whether the party is themed with music at its center, or simply providing ambiance for an elegant evening, your choice of musical accompaniment is key. Here are a few tips on hiring the perfect musician for your event.

1. Understand the style and purpose of the music you need. There is nothing worse than asking for a “jazzy” group, and then being disappointed with a jazz trio because what you really wanted was a high-energy variety band. Be prepared with stylistic examples and do your research; know what musical genre you truly expect and what will best entertain your group.

2. When choosing a musical act,  the technical aspects are as crucial as the artistic ones. Be knowledgeable about how many electrical circuits your band or musicians will need. Ask if there is an additional charge for electricity. Understand the physical space so that your entertainment can be viewed and heard with ease. An intimate dinner for 75 guests is not conducive to a 10-piece band, nor will a solo harpist capture the attention of 800 people in a grand ballroom.

3. Be creative and don’t forget that unique and unusual choices can be showstoppers.  Align yourself with an experienced agency that has the talent to recommend and produce the event suited to your needs. A strolling accordionist can take your guests to Italy, France, or even Germany without a single plane ticket. A zydeco band will bring the bayou to your guests during an exciting Mardi Gras party, while a Rock of Ages show will ignite your event with rockers from the past.

Ultimately, you don’t have to settle for what everybody else typically does. Think outside of your comfort zone, be aware of your venue and requirements, and know what you want.