How to Hire the Best Holiday Entertainment

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The holiday season is the perfect time for a celebration with amazing entertainment. But how do you separate your holiday party from the rest? With true talent and the inclusion of innovative ideas, your event will sparkle and shine. Here are just a few tips for how to hire the best holiday entertainment.

1. The Great Gatsby/20s Theme maintains top billing once again this year in popularity with audiences. With its all-inclusive entertainment, extensive, luxurious costuming, and period-appropriate music, it’s no wonder this show still thrills. This theme can be highly ornamented with additional acts, which only strengthens its entertainment value, especially for your gala or award presentation.
2. Bands and DJs  While bands and DJs will always be a popular option for any holiday gathering, incorporating a video-wall backdrop that helps to create a visual display of the music is a growing option. Not only does this exciting twist on traditional musical services allow for exciting engagement from the guests, but it offers social media – a live streaming, interactive experience for 21st century audiences.
thumbnail_girls-santa%20crop3. Winter Wonderland With the clear, chilly nights in the Valley, nothing is more elegant than a party with entertainment everywhere. From holiday greeters to professional astronomers to Tarot card readers, guests can view the night sky, while discussing beautiful constellations with an astrologer. The essence of the evening is captured with the sound of duo guitars serenading your guests. What a marvelous night for a moondance…

Create a Wedding that Excites You and Your Guests

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Every bride wants to have the wedding of a lifetime. Whether elegant and traditional, or quirky and avant garde, the memories will last forever. But, why shouldn’t that be true for your guests as well. With just a little ingenuity, you can create a wedding the excites both you and your guests.

Cake-Projection-Mapping-Photo-Chateau-Luxe1. Technology – Use video mapping to transform any surface into a video display of special moments between the bride and groom, favorite family moments, or graphic displays that excite the imagination. All of these videos can also align with the theme of the wedding as a whole, whether that’s a geographic location or a special color or image. This is a beautiful way to utilize the brilliance of 21st Century technology.


2. Theme – Incorporating a theme as a central focus of a denise web photos 017wedding continues to gain popularity. Some brides transport their guests to eras in the past, while others use all of the unique features of scenic or special geographic locations. For example, special blessings from Native American traditions can add a cultural meaning for weddings in the natural beauty of the Southwest.

3. Timeless – Weddings, quite simply, are inherently beautiful and for those brides who choose a more Bella classical edittraditional presentation, the elegance of the event will transcend time. Including classic musical entertainment like a string quartet, harp and flute duo, or an elegant acoustic guitar can be the perfect addition. Music touches the heart and allows your guests to emotionally connect with the beauty of the moment.

How to Use Entertainment Successfully for Corporate Events

Applause Productions and Entertainment

Event planners across the country are once again booking their yearly calendars. Whether a vintage, formal, or themed event, the keys to good planning are always the same. The following tips will help as you discover how to use entertainment successfully for corporate events.

aerial-bartender1. What is the purpose? For talent to be effective, you must first decide upon its purpose. Decide whether your event needs entertainment that is central to the evening, or that which is merely an icebreaker or a welcoming, spotlight feature. A theme show, band or DJ is an excellent choice when entertainment is a key aspect; however, greeters, an aerial bartender, or a walk-around magician is better suited for events that only need an effective thread of talent.

2. Who is the audience? It is critical that you understand who will attend the event so that you can best address their expectations. Knowing your age group and entertainment sophistication will help guide your booking decisions. A crowd filled with Millenials will most likely respond well to an interactive presentation with LED lighting, high-powered music, and experiences that pop on social media. In contrast, large events using vintage themes are typically more formal and might excite a more diverse crowd.

3. What are the time and space considerations? As you look to hire your entertainment, be sure that your venue is suitable in terms of physical space, time of the year, and recurring social events in a particular area. There’s nothing worse than having an outdoor wedding, without a contingency plan, and entertainment that suddenly won’t fit into the space provided. No planner wants to change dates after having everything planned, including talent contracts, to accommodate pre-existing events on a city’s social calendar. Be sure to check all event calendars and your contracts.

The Use of Digital Media or Interactive Entertainment

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As planners book entertainment for the coming season, they desire to be on the cutting edge; they want what is unique, new, and effectively promotes the company’s brand. For many, this includes the use of digital media, or interactive entertainment. While this can be exciting and innovative, it can also be costly and ineffective unless managed by experienced professionals. What alternatives are there to create the “Wow” factor that will captivate your guests and still maintain quality and budget?

1. Technology doesn’t have to take center stage. Use intelligent lighting, videos, and computer graphics as part of the entertainment package, rather than the driving force. Examples might include dancers performing the “Gangnam” routine while a video of Psy streams simultaenous song and movement. Another example could be a concert pianist performing Hollywood’s theme songs highlighting movie clips associated with the music. The idea is effective use of technology to enhance live entertainment.
2. Interactive entertainment doesn’t have to be digital. Pieces of entertainment expertly woven into an event can spice up the traditional passive role of the audience. Whether this happens during a dinner experience or an award presentation, or becomes a total theme event incorporating greeters, casino tables, and a Vegas theme show, the event comes to life. Showcasing company executives during this interaction is also an added benefit.

3. There’s no substitute for pure talent. Technology is an asset. A photo booth that links immediately to facebook and twitter can make many attendees quite happy. How cool to post instantly while they attend an amazing event. However, there is nothing like the thrill of live Taiko drumming as it beats with the pulse of your audience; or a mentalist that amazes by accurately reading the minds of your guests; or a hypnotist  that persuades audience members to get up and sing an aria.Let’s face it…the legend that is Elvis didn’t need to tweet that he’d “left the building.”

Coming soon…the new and improved Applause Productions and Entertainment

Applause Productions & Entertainment

We’re not considering Botox or fillers; however, you will soon see the new and improved Applause Productions and Entertainment. In an age where youth and vibrancy rule the world, it is often necessary to self-examine. As such, we’ve determined that our technology, while useful and effective, can be improved to better serve our clients and a growing market share. You can take a sneak peak starting with our newly redesigned logo, and can wait anxiously for the reveal of our new website. All of course, with the purpose of improving our ability to deliver unique, spectacular, and innovative talent.

1. Why re-brand? The millennials demand precision, speed, and immediate gratification. These are the people who are now making business decisions that affect companies of all sizes and all profit margins. These are acute business people who need to identify with the people and products they consume. Think of the old adage, “This isn’t your father’s Oldsmobile…” but far more successful.

2. Version 2.0. Not only should companies promote updated technology, marketing, and promotion, but also deliver on the promise. Our technology is improving as is our entertainment offerings. This isn’t just a face lift, but, as Broadway would say,  a shift to “Bigger and Better” presentation of talent.

3. Stay tuned. Great businesses are always reinventing themselves. Whether it’s Chrysler, Nike, or your local neighborhood supermarket, savvy business leaders are showing that they value their customers by staying on top of the latest and greatest products. Applause Productions continues to meet and exceed the needs of clients by advancing our relationships and staying always grateful for what is and can be.

A backstage look at booking entertainment…asking critical questions

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When the curtain goes up, the entertainment shines, but any good planner knows that  behind the scenes there are technical, physical, and performance considerations that ensure success. The applause that results from amazing entertainment can only be realized when the details of preparation are understood and mastered. The key to booking entertainment is asking critical questions.

1. Technical considerations: We’ve talked about the necessity of knowing what technical accommodations are available to the entertainment, but the importance of this fundamental foundation is so often taken for granted or even ignored. Is your entertainment self-contained? Do they bring their own sound and light equipment, including personnel? Or are they expecting to access the available AV capability of the site, and what are the fees associated with it? Typically, bands will bring their own, yet comics, mentalists, and other solo artists will need to give you their specs. Ask this question: What AV requirements do you need to perform?

2. Physical considerations: Is the entertainment familiar with the physical layout for load in and load out of necessary equipment? This is one of the most overlooked aspects of providing talent, and yet communication could solve many problems. Additionally, know where the talent will dress, take breaks, and leave personal belongings; a secure and private green room is necessary for this. It is unprofessional and demeaning to expect the entertainers to use a space that is open to the public.

3. Performance considerations: As the event comes to a conclusion, the entertainers should be clear about the planner’s expectations. Will the music  and visual aspects of the event continue their vibrant energy until the ballroom is clear? Or will there be a transition to an afterglow that includes softer music, lighting, and a subtle ending to the event? Entertainment experts with years of experience can incorporate these key ideas and understand the critical nature they play in the overall success of the event. What goes on behind the scenes will most definitely impact the final stage performance.