Corporate Entertainment Thank You

Applause Productions & Entertainment

Whether an intimate party or year-end extravaganza a corporate entertainment thank you may come in many different packages. Successful businesses know how to maintain and improve employee morale. They know that a memorable party with live entertainment is a fantastic way to express gratitude. Likewise, entertainment companies, such as Applause, are grateful to have the opportunities to provide such empowering events. As we look back on 2013, we want to say thanks and remember some of the outstanding productions of the past year.

1. Roaring 20s Year-End Party: Integrated and high-energy live entertainment made this event pop from start to stop.  By including costumed-greeters, live bands, a floor show, and stilt-walking jugglers, guests were transported to the world of the Great Gatsby. Greeters asked for passwords to enter the “Cotton Club,” as they accompanied guests into the main ballroom. Caricature artists, tarot card readers and fortune tellers made guests feel as though they were part of the action. The result?  A fluid, well-choreographed, and an interactive event…plus, a very happy planner.

2.Culinary Industry Conference: Live entertainment under the beautiful Arizona sky set this production apart from many others this season. A beautiful resort terrace set the stage, as Taiko drummers, a German polka band, a British string ensemble, and Belgian musicians highlighted the international affair. Talent and food worked together to create a multi-sensory delight. Strategic positioning, lighting, and timing allowed the acoustic sounds to blend a savory atmosphere of conversation and culinary favorites. Bon appetite!

3. Unique convention entertainment: Home on the range doesn’t necessarily apply to most big-city convention centers, but in this case it did. Dancing saloon girls, honky-tonk piano players, a singing cowboy on horseback, and an authentic card shark kept guests thoroughly entertained and engaged as they walked the convention floor. The 1880s were alive and well in this western city thanks to the live entertainment that transported, delighted, and satisfied all involved.

Remember…It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Applause Productions & Entertainment

During this busy holiday season it is easy to get bogged down with business proposals, personal shopping, and a million other demands on your time. But remember…it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The sage often says reflection is a path to growth. Take the time to look back, see where you are now, and be grateful, no matter where that place may be. Lessons come in all forms.

1. Begin by recognizing any success. Whether you fell short of third-quarter goals or hit the mark beyond what you anticipated, there are successes to be celebrated. Focus on the positive, even if your company did not experience great monetary gains this year. Perhaps you have an outstanding employee that received stellar feedback or you were able to finish the year without layoffs. These gains need to be recognized and applauded, for they will keep you in the right frame of mind.

2. Mistakes are growth opportunities for those willing to learn and improve. True leadership requires an attitude of gratefulness no matter what the situation. A humble acceptance of shortfalls, without blame, can lead to progress that outshines what came before. In this way, team members are motivated to find solutions rather than focus only on problems.

3. Plan for what can be, not what is. With the technology revolution, a global economy now prevails. Do not hold on to what used to be; embrace the possibilities rather than regretting what was. Shaking hands and looking someone in the eye are becoming more difficult with distance and digital communication. This doesn’t have to be a negative. Learn how to use your tools and discover the opportunities waiting to be found.